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Delivering rapid results for lasting change.

Hypnotherapist & Transformational Consultant

Achieve life changing results through RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy. The results you’ll receive are exceptional!

Through combining NLP – Neuro linguistic programming, CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques, I create a safe space to facilitate your healing journey and to create lasting impact in your life.

I will guide you on the journey to help you tap into your subconscious to achieve the results you want and assist to create mind and body equilibrium.

Are you waking up each day wanting more from your life?  

Are you living your best life?

Do you want to be free? Free to live a life of your dreams and be free from whatever is holding you back? 

There are areas in your life you want to increase performance.

You are ready to step up and shine and make lasting changes to your life and any area you that you want to see results, improvements and achieve success.

Let me help you!

I facilitate freedom, healing, transformation and deliver results and I love to work intensely with you to dive deep and deliver real transformations.   

You deserve to live the life you’ve always wanted and it’s my passion to unleash your inner light to allow you to shine bright like a diamond and achieve your dream life.

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Are you ready to make lasting changes to live your best life?

Let's connect!

Book a free discovery call and discuss how a RTT®session can help you. 

Release your inner desire to want more from your life

Clear past programming, beliefs, actions and behaviours that have been holding you back. 

Experience RTT® - a hybrid therapy known for its efficiency in discovering the root cause of an issue.

Enjoy lasting results.


Inspire changes, new behaviours to release past programming.


Success and results with lasting changes. Live the life of your dreams.


Elevate to a higher level of consciousness, awareness and a new life.


Hypnosis did for me what years of medication couldn't. I can't believe my life after this session and the amazing progress I've made in som many areas of my life.


My life has completley changed! You are a miracle worker!


Marissa is very warm and encouraging. Very serene and peaceful space created for the session. I felt like I was doing something positive that I highly deserved for my personal freedom.


I instantly felt lighter and my mindset shift. It was amazing and achieve way beyond what normal therapy had given me.


I feel more aligned to the right energy of abundance and my mindset has shifted to a much better place.


Marissa was very friendly and open to help. I felt very relaxed. I felt certainty of having my problem solved.


Marissa is the definition of a genuine caring human. You can 100% guarantee you will be taken care of.


Every time I listen to the recording, it makes me feel happy & excited for what is coming in my life

Gold Coast

I have definitely felt emotionally & mentally better after the session

Northern Rivers

Thanks for such a great session. I really feel like I made the best decision for my RTT practitioner. You are a true gem! I appreciate all of your support, guidance, and listening. I am excited for this healing process. I already feel lighter after our call.


I felt calm and relaxed and felt an accumulative change.

Murrumba Downs

Fast results, exact results, clear positive and mental focus to achieve my targets and goals. I felt an immediate lightness and clear mental focus.

Gold Coast

It has been a few months now and I am totally healed like it is literally as if I have never been allergic to anything, I am still in awe and I am a totally different person thanks to you. This has been lasting for months now, so thank you again, best decision I ever made.


It's an amazing experience. Thank you Marissa and well done!


Marissa is a talented RTT practitioner and she really understands her client’s needs and wants. I felt completely cared for and supported during my session.


After my session, I felt more relaxed and not too stressed about being able to conceive. I have more trust towards life and the Universe.


Marissa is patient and passionate and all this translated into a great tailor-made session and audio. I started to feel a significant difference listening to my personalised recording and there is slow and steady improvement. I have been trying multiple traditional versions of treatments and holistic therapies with no lasting results. I am satisfied by the session I got with Marissa. I think everyone should try a RTT session with Marissa if possible.

Abu Dhabi

I have noticed a definite decrease in hair pulling and I am noticing it more often when I am pulling. I am able to stop myself instantly. I have noticed an increase in hair growth coming back in.


Marissa is such a beautiful practitioner in and out and she really know her stuffs well, so can help others finding the juicy bit of their issue.


I contacted Marissa in a desperate attempt to fix my allergy issue which is something that can really bother me and i have had since a young age at a very high level. What I appreciated from Marissa was her warm welcoming and lovely voice which is a perfect fit for hypnosis. Marissa was very professional and her ability to listen was outstanding.


During the session I was able to finally get closure on a huge area in my life that had been holding me back and affected so many things! I felt a huge release and was able to make connections and see things from a different perspective. Thank you, Marissa, for holding the space for me to heal and release a huge lifetime burden.


After the session with Marissa I have definitely felt some shifts. I have found that I no longer get upset by everything and can let go of any daily frustrations easier and faster. I feel much calmer and feel that I can handle situations that arise with more calmness and much less stress. Thank you, Marissa


I loved our session and working with Marissa! She has such wonderful energy, is extremely empathetic and understanding and really easy to connect with. The recording Marissa made me is also amazing! Marissa has such a soothing voice and chose such powerful words to use. Thank you so much and i highly recommend!


I really felt the energy & healing even though my session was over zoom. I feel lighter, free, open and for the first time in a long time, like a huge burden & weight has been lifted.


This was one of the most amazing sessions I have ever had! I was totally blown away by all of the specific personalised care throughout.

Palm Beach

For the first time in years, I didn’t notice the issue in my eye & felt it has decreased - after only 7 days post-treatment. My session was over zoom and it was incredible the results and impact I immediately felt. I highly recommend a session with Marissa!


I could really feel the healing happening during the session. The affected areas started heating up and I could feel these areas changing during the session. Marissa is amazing and I could really feel how much energy and personalised care was put into my session.


I listen every night to my recording and I have stepped up the exercise and reduced the alcohol to only weekends. So that part is going great. I have also not been obsessed with food as much. So overall - Marissa did an amazing job. 🙌 🙌 🙌


The session with Marissa as my therapist created a safe and supportive space for me to transform. Listening daily to my transformation recording has had such a powerful effect on me.


The transformational recording is amazing. Listening to it, again and again, is my goal. Thank you for your amazing RTT session.


I absolutely loved listening to the recording from Marissa. She has such a soothing voice and the transformational recording was exactly what I wanted and needed to hear!

Coffs Harbour

Amazing session! This was by far the best session I have ever had!

Sapphire Beach

Best transformational session I have ever had! Marissa really listened to me and included in the session all of the information I wanted and needed. I really felt heard, listened to and supported throughout and after my session


Marissa gave me the best intake session. She was so attentive and listened to everything I said and what I wanted and adapted my session to suit my needs. I really feel that this session was so powerful because it was tailored just for me!.


I saw Marissa for my insomnia. I am now sleeping so much better and can sleep all through the night. I have now removed coffee and added herbal teas to my daily routine. Not only has my sleep improved, but so has my overall health and mental wellbeing.


I felt so comfortable to open up to Marissa both during the intake and also my RTT session. I really felt that Marissa provided a safe zone without judgment which really helped me to be fully vulnerable which helped to give me greater results.

Byron Bay

My session with Marissa was for weight loss. Throughout my session I felt that Marissa really cared and was invested in me and want I wanted. I have seen amazing results after the session. I am now more focused on eating better and am finally now exercising more. I love waking up every day with more energy and an ease in living a healthier life. I felt results and changes within a week after my session.


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Free audio!

Let’s connect witH
FREE Discovery Call

The discovery call is the perfect opportunity for us to meet and see if we are aligned for each other.

During this call I will ask you overview questions about what you would like to work on and explain what your RTT® session will involve.

Free guide!


Enjoy some time out just for you to relax, unwind and rejuvenate with this relaxation free audio.  

Enter your details below and a link to download this audio will be sent to you.

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