January 16, 2023

Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies

Healing music to restore equilibrium to your body.

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Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequencies

The main differences between Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Frequencies healing music are their perception. With binaural beats, the brain perceives the frequencies through the difference between the two tunes played in the earbuds. With solfeggio frequencies, the frequency is perceived by the ears as its played.

Binaural beats must also be listened to with headphones to experience the effects. Solfeggio frequencies give you the option of listening however you choose.

Binaural beats have a range associated with the 5 brain waves, while solfeggio is commonly referred to as the main 6 frequencies.

Entrainment is a process in which brain waves align themselves to an outside beat or frequency. This is what happens when the brain listens to binaural beats or solfeggio frequencies.


Binaural beats in the gamma range help to improve mental clarity and increase focus. Listening to binaural beats for 30 minutes daily has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Binaural beats are when two tones are playing in each ear at different frequencies. The difference in frequencies between the two tones is what the brain ends up processing.

This unique music has many benefits. It can induce the same mental state that meditation causes and can:

·      Lower stress and anxiety

·      Boost focus and concentration

·      Increase relaxation and positive moods

The five frequencies and the brain waves commonly associated and used with binaural beats are:

Alpha- decrease anxiety, promote relaxation, and encourage positivity.

Beta- promotes concentration and alertness, improved memory, and problem solving.

Delta - linked to dreamless sleep, deep sleep, and relaxation

Theta - improves meditation, REM sleep and creativity.

Gamma– helps in the enhancement of training and learning.

These frequencies have a different effect and sound that can alert the various mental states depending on which one is used and can transition the mind from an alert, higher frequency state into a slower, more relaxed state.

What can Binaural Beats be used for:

·       Moving the brain and body into a relaxed state

·       Easing insomnia

·       Increasing productivity and performance through easingmental activity that is causing a disturbance or interference

·       Increase concentration and attention levels

·       Improve creativity

·       Reduces stress

·       Can increase anxiety

·       Elevates mood, which can provide relief with depression

·       Deepen level of mediation

·       Improve confidence

·       Improve long term memory


How to listen to Binaural Beats:

Use earphones and listen at a time that you can lay down, with your eyes closed and relax, with no distractions or while doing any other activity.The recommended listening time is 30 minutes.


Solfeggio Frequencies

The solfeggio frequencies are unique tones and chants are found to impart spiritual blessings and balancing when they are played harmoniously. Every solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony.

There are six main solfeggio frequencies. They are;

·    396 Hz for liberating from fear and guilt.  transforming grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness

·    417 Hz frequencies for facilitating change and undoing situations and clears negativity and removes subconscious blockages

·    528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair. Stimulates love, restores equilibrium, repairs DNA

·    639 Hz frequencies for relationships and reconnecting.  Strengthens relationships, family, and community unity

·    741 Hz solfeggio frequencies for getting solutions and expressing themselves.  Physically cleanses the body from all types of toxins

·    852 Hz frequencies for returning to a spiritual order.  Awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance


Solfeggio healing tones respond to the planet and human body frequencies, bringing you back in harmony with the planet.

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with and promote various aspects of body and mind health.  These frequencies produce more positive effects on the body than any other sound or tone – due to the Schumann resonance.

A German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann mathematically documented the electromagnetic resonances existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere (the electrically charged part of the Earth’s atmosphere).

Schumann discovered that these electromagnetic waves, originating from discharges of lightening, resonated at a low frequency – also known as the earth’s heartbeat.This study and research were then taken further and the connection between the Schumann’s resonances and found these to match various levels of human brain activity and matched the different brain waves. The Schumann resonance and relates to the solfeggio frequency by syncing in harmony and vibrating at the same frequency.  

 Benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies:

·       Aids in a meditative state

·       Aid in problem solving

·       Assist with DNA healing

·       Awakens interactions with oneness and interconnectednesswith the universe

·       Balance emotions

·       Expands the mind to improve problem solving and emotional stability

·       Increases heart healing

·       Increases intuition

·       Improve self-expression

·       Promotes calm, peace and clarity

·       Promote love, understanding and increase communication

·       Relieving pain and tension

·       Release fear and guilt Releases negativity

·       Slows breathing to induce a relaxed state

·       Works on the Heart and Solar plexus chakra

·       Works in the root chakra to rebalance safety, survival instinct and energy

How to listen to Solfeggio Frequencies:

Listen to these in a quiet place where you are not performing any other activity and can lie down and relax. These can be listened to via earphones or a speaker.

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