January 28, 2023


Why is EQ & IQ important?

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Emotional Quotient - EQ is the ability to understand, use, manage and regulate your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, understand others emotions, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.


This is a crucial skill in people management, building relationships, strong leadership, making a positive and lasting influence and impact and is also a strong life skill to utilise.  


There are some core elements of EQ:


1.   Self-awareness

2.   Self-management and self-regulation

3.   Social awareness and social skills

4.   Relationship management

5.   Motivation

6.   Empathy

7.   Strong and clear boundaries and standards

8.   Able to get along well with others and have an interest in others

9.   Operating with integrity

10. Present focused


Being able to adapt a high level of EQ into your daily life can look like:

·      Able to say no when you need to 

·      Easily share your feelings with others

·      The ability to solve problems in ways that work for everyone

·      Having empathy and compassion for other people


IntelligenceQuotient - IQ is a measure a measure of reasoning and problem-solving abilities and relates to a person’s cognitive abilities, including memory, comprehension, understanding, reasoning, and abstract thought.


There are different types of IQ:


  • Analytical intelligence - The ability to     evaluate information and solve problems.
  • Creative intelligence - The ability to come up     with new ideas.
  • Practical intelligence - The ability to adapt     to a changing environment.
  • Word Smart - linguistic intelligence
  • Math Smart - numerical/reasoning/logic     intelligence
  • Physically Smart - kinaesthetic intelligence
  • Music Smart - musical intelligence
  • People Smart - interpersonal intelligence
  • Self-Smart - intra personal intelligence


Why are these skills important?


To be truly successful and achieve lasting impact, it is so important to have a balance between IQ & EQ.  This gives you the ability to be able to make a positive impact on people and also make informed and logical decisions.

By being able to tune into the mind with clear thoughts, you can master the IQ and by tuning into your heart, intuition and inner feelings and guidance system, you can master your EQ.  

These skills can make life so much easier and fast track results when there is a healthy balance between the two.

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