February 13, 2023

Love Blocks

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You attract the love you think you deserve. Have you ever attracted a partner and had a relationship and then years later, thought “WTF was I doing with that person?!” Chances are, you were letting your love blocks rule the show and dictate the quality of love you were allowing into your life.  

Love blocks are the things standing in the way of you being able to open up and enjoy a long-lasting relationship.  

These can be formed as a result of low self-esteem, lack of self-love, not feeling enough or worthy or deserving of love or past trauma.  Most love blocks are formed and operate in the subconscious mind and are running the show even when you’re not aware of it.

Hello self-sabotages! Have you ever felt like you’ve been watching from a distant, almost like on a TV screen a train crash happening, except that train crash is you, picking fights, acting irrationally, causing a fight for no reason, withdrawing and shutting down emotionally, lashing out and saying the one thing that you know will really twist the knife in your partners heart and inflict the most amount of pain, hurt and heart break.  You know you don’t want to, but you can’t help it! It’s like it happens automatically and so quickly.  You’ve repeated this pattern before in past relationships and it just keeps coming back.

This is a massive indicator that there are love blocks ingrained deep down inside and have made themselves at home and nice and cosy in your subconscious mind and have most likely been there for a long time.

Imagine if you could clear these and no longer repeat the same self-sabotaging behaviours. Imagine how amazing it would be to feel free to be open and vulnerable.  Think how different the picture would look like if you could emotionally regulate and calmly communicate your thoughts, feelings, wants and needs.  This can be a reality! RTT is a fantastic tool for getting to the cause of these love blocks and removing these to give you the freedom to live a life of love and passion.  


Signs of love blocks:

·     Low self esteem

·     Low self-love

·     Low self-worth

·     Past trauma

·     Past heartbreak and hurt

·     Didn’t have examples of healthy relationships

·     Feels unlovable

·     Feels unworthy and undeserving of love

·     Self-sabotages in relationships

·     Causes unnecessary conflict

·     High level of self-doubt

·     Afraid of being hurt and avoiding intimate relationships

·     Inability to maintain long term relationship

·     Being afraid of being hurt and ending the relationship first

·     Unable to be vulnerable and open emotionally  

·     Abandonment wounds and fears

·     Co-dependency– feeling that you need someone to make you happy


How to heal love blocks:

·     Learn to communicate in relationships

·     Healpast trauma

·     Take action to work on clearing love blocks

·     Build self-esteem and self confidence

·     EFT– Emotional Freedom Technique

·     RTT– Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

·     Mirror work

·     Affirmations and mantras

·     Learn to accept compliments

·     Establish boundaries

·     Do the inner work

·     Keep your energetic alignments clear and high vibe

·     Don’t settle or lower standards

·     Don’t try to “fix” another person.  Accept themas they are or don’t lower to their level

·     Maintain a high level of self-love, self-worth and inner value

·     Practice pausing before responding to avoid saying things that will be regretted later

·     Live in the present moment and avoid over thinking the future and “what ifs”

·     Create and fall in love with a life you love filled with happiness so that you are not seeking external validation for happiness and love

·     Self-care and self-love activities


When you are in energetic alignment with a loving, respectful relationship, and you have an unshakable belief in yourself and your self-value and worth, you won’t call in or attract anyone that isn’t on the same level.

Don’t lower your standards, keep your boundaries and don’t settle.  Amazing love and relationships are available and you are worthy and deserving.  

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