February 25, 2023

Soul Seperation

How to merge back to yourself

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Have you ever felt a sense of disconnection? That feeling of being soul tired and a deep weariness on a soul level. The feeling that you are no longer fully connected to your soul into your body. Like there is a huge disconnect between your body and your mind.  As if you’re just drifting along each day and just existing and not living in the full joy of actually living and embracing the fullness that this journey in life has to offer.


Soul separation – the feeling that you are disconnected internally.  Soul separation is a concept that I learnt at Rythmia in Costa Rica and is something that can happen during early childhood, normally before the age of 5.  However, the feeling of disconnect was so real and something that I had been experiencing for a long time.  It only took a huge life event for me to be catapulted into action and do something to bring the harmony back to my body.  This can occur during an instance in your life, during an event, when as a form of protection, your soul starts to fragment from your body.  This soul separation can result in you becoming a different version of yourself or you having to present differently around certain people.  


The event of impact may have been a large or a small trauma event and is the catalyst for the start of a lifetime of inaccurate conditioning and beliefs.  If you feel you were abandoned, ignored, your emotional or physical needs weren’t met or you developed a coping mechanism that you thought was serving some purpose but has actually been holding you back, this has affected you and created who you are today.  This feeds the reiteration that you are not worthy and deserving, may have had to become invisible to avoid conflict, become hyper vigilant to be constantly aware and alert of people’s reactions and the environment, act out for attention and create self-destructing behaviours.


When you split, a new priority – the priority to be right can form.  You can begin to categorise other people, put them in boxes and comparing yourself to others. Because you can’t be your full and true self, you start to operate from a place of ego.  You loose all connection with being whole and take on false beliefs that make you feel less than and unworthy and undeserving of love, respect and being able to be fully and authentically you.


OnceI heard this, suddenly it all made sense! There was a reason why I felt such a strong pull to be in south America at the time I was and to be at Rythmia at the dates I was.  It was like I was on autopilot taking action to prepare for my trip and my soul was calling me to take action, to journey to the land that I knew could soothe and merge my soul back to fullness and back to my soul familia.


When the soul feels separated and fragmented, it can present in feelings of “not enough”.  You could feel a heightened sense of inadequacy, lacking, self-doubt, self-criticism and a numbing between the body – mind connection.


This can show up in dismissing and playing down expectations, successes and achievements. Also common is imposter syndrome, self-sabotaging, self-destructing behaviours and actions, transference activities – participating in things that delay tuning in and healing or facing internal imbalances and issues and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  You may try to fill your life with external distractions which only bring temporary joy or vaguely fill the void. As a consequence, addictions, disorders, sadness, fear and personal struggles can be a common outcome.  This can leave a path of destruction for yourself and others in your life.  


You may also feel that your life is empty and lacking purpose or meaning, Similar to feeling that you’re just drifting through life, just existing and not really fully living life.  Almost like a passenger in your own story.  


It can be super scary to jump into the void and unknown to really tap back into what’s been hiding away and has been pushed down for so long.  But the journey down the rabbit hole inside is so worth it.  This reconnection back to yourself is what can give that true sense of freedom and inner peace, calm and acceptance.  When you are able to fully merge back to yourself, bring your soul home into this body for this lifetime, it can help to heal your heart and inner wounds.  This is when, in my opinion, a true and complete sense of connection, healing, peace, balance and the balance between the body / mind / soul connection are united. This brings you back home to the person you were always meant to be. This is when you are unlimited to really live the life of your dreams.  

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