December 30, 2021

Rules of the Mind

The mind is such a fascinating thing!

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Information can be processed to and from the brain at 250 miles per hour.  There are some rules of the mind that are congruent between everyone.  The mind controls so much in your day to life – whether it be a conscious or subconscious thought. The interesting thing is that the conscious mind controls the subconscious but the subconscious is the one that runs the show!  When dealing with the subconscious mind, the greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious responds.  Once an idea has been accepted by the subconscious mind, it remains there until it’s replaced by another idea.\

Every time you recall a memory or have a new thought, you create a connection in the brain through a neural pathway.

By continually thinking the same thoughts on loop and repeat, it is creating a continued neural pathway and the brain is more likely to automatically think similar thoughts.  The mind learns by repetition: The more you do something, the more it is imprinted into your subconscious and the neural pathways are formed.

Your mind does not care or know if what you tell it is good, bad, true, false, healthy, unhealthy, right or wrong. It accepts and acts on your words regardless.  This is why it is so important to choose your words and thoughts carefully. Your mind cannot tell the difference between positive or negative words, it only listens to the commands through thoughts you give your mind. If you think negatively about yourself, your mind will respond and feed those negative commands to the body – hello self-sabotages, addictive and destructive behaviours and self-loathing, increased anxiety or depression!

The mind cannot hold conflicting ideas, beliefs or thoughts.  They cancel each other out.  You cannot think negative thoughts and expect positive results in your life.  Its like going to gym and then stopping through a fast-food drive through on the way home.

Every thought you think and every word you say forms a blueprint that your mind and body work to make your reality.  What you present to your mind, your mind will present back to you. We are what we think and what we believe.  Have you ever heard the saying “believe it to see it come true, not see if to believe it" It is the same thing with your mind.  You first need to create the positive thoughts to see the positive reactions in your body and life.  The more positive you think, the more positive improvements you will see, feel and experience.

Your mind responds to the pictures you construct, and the words you tell it. The more vivid the picture, the more powerful the response and in a battle between emotion and logic, emotion always wins. If you are feeding the garden of your mind weeds (negative thoughts and images) then flowers (positive thoughts and words) cannot grow or live.  Your mind then becomes so conditioned to hearing the negative self-talk, that it is going to be stuck on a loop and only keep feeding the same thoughts back in.

Your mind works to move you away from pain, and towards pleasure. This is why it can be so hard to sustain a new, healthier habit or to get started on one. It feels better to reach for the block of chocolate instead of going to the gym, BUT, you feel so much better and more energised after the gym and worse after the chocolate!

We act in ways that consistently matches our thinking. The mind loves what is familiar and is hardwired to resist what is unfamiliar, and always return to what is familiar. This is why it can be hard to maintain new habits and new year’s resolutions often fail.  No, it’s not your weak will power and you are not failure for not maintaining a change that you are trying to make.  It is your mind and your subconscious running the show.  No matter your best intentions, the subconscious is such a strong captain of the mind, that it will override thoughts and actions, without you even realising in the moment and can explain why it can be hard to maintain momentum when you want to make positive changes that are different to your normal day to day life and routine.  The great news is – the subconscious mind can be rewritten and you can override old thoughts, behaviours and patterns! First you create your beliefs, then your beliefs create you.

Every suggestion you act upon creates less opposition for future suggestions (of the same nature). Every thought you think causes a physical reaction, and an emotional response within you. An emotion-induced symptom will produce organic changes over time. Our thinking can cause, prevent and cure our ailments. Once an idea is installed, the longer it remains, the more opposition there is to replace it with a differing idea.

What is expected tends to be realised. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind, or the mind of others.  Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do. What we focus on we move towards and get more of.

When working with a modality such as RTT®, we use the rules of the mind to realign and overwrite the current thinking and to change patterns and behaviours.  We do this through using language that the mind is already familiar with, and writing a new script that the mind will respond to. This is where the results come from! Having the breakthrough during the session and then. Continuing to rewire afterwards through the transformational recording.

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