February 25, 2023

What is Self Love

How does self-love really help you?

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What is self-love? Besides a term that has been thrown around a lot lately as the hottest new insta #.

Self-love and a deep level of respect for yourself shows up in many ways.  By having a secure and content level of love for and within yourself, it can increase your confidence and self-esteem and also make sure that you don’t comprise and settle for 2nd best in life.  This also radiates out to others in your life as you are generally happier, more empathic and don’t conform to fit others requirements.  You will naturally align with and attract higher quality and vibe people into your life.

This term is defined as the regard for your own well-being and happiness and is a basic human necessity. It is ultimately the appreciation of yourself.


What self-love looks like:

·     Able to prioritise own needs

·     Accept self as you are

·     Appreciation for own worth

·     Can emotionally regulate easier

·     Comfortable in own skin

·     Forgiving self when needed

·     Having self-respect

·     Increased physical benefits – taking better care of self, healthier diet, exercise, &lifestyle

·     Increasemental health

·     Prioritiseown needs

·     Setand maintain healthy boundaries

·     Treatingself with kindness



·     Celebrate the small wins and milestones

·     Choose your time and energy investments wisely

·     Eat a healthy diet

·     EFT

·     Exercise and move the body

·     Get enough sleep

·     Grounding in nature

·     Have fun! Enjoy some laughs and enjoy life

·     Ho’oponopono

·     Journal

·     Learn to say “No”

·     Limit social media time

·     Manage and limit stress

·     Meditate

·     Mirror work

·     Practice daily gratitude

·     Practice mindfulness

·     Set boundaries

·     Speak kind words to yourself

·     Somatic embodiment work

·     Stop comparing yourself to others

·     Take time out just for you

·     Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a friend

·     Use self-affirming statements like “I AM…”

·     Vibe attracts your tribe – surround yourself with great quality people

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